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When travel to North-East India, guests are requested to follow the below mentioned points for hassle free journey. 

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Nature Hunt is the best travel and tour company in North East India.Most of the people visit North East India to enjoy the pristine beauty of this region.

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 Attend exotic Hornbill Festivals which held in Kisama Heritage Village, Nagaland every year from 1 st to 7 th December. 

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Trip to Mishmi Hills and Dibru saikhowa NP, 17 th Dec: It was during July, 2010, I searched for a tour operator who organize Tours in NE India, got Nature Hunt.

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 We are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury or death which may be caused by the default of the management or staff of the supplier companies. 

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Some of our best places 
Wildlife Tours

Wild life tour is the most interesting tour for the visitors who love's the wild life.The visitors love to see the natural beauty present on earth.The Manas National Park is the tiger and elephant reserve hence it is the only habitat place of endangered species. 

Birding Tours

Birding Tour is the most awesome experience to saw the beautiful gift of nature.Birding tour is the unique and interesting tour to the visitors those who love birds. Nameri National Park is the paradise for bird Watchers.Nameri is famous for White Winged Wood Duck.

Heritage tours

Heritage Tour is the remarkable tour to feel the beauty of heritage sites.Heritage tourism is travelling to experience the places it includes cultural,historical and natural resources.The main motive of heritage tourism is to gain an appreciation of the past.  

Tribal Tours

The undulating state of Nagaland is extremely charming. A home of near about 16 tribes the state has much more to explore. Tribe and clan traditions and loyalties play an important part in the life of Nagas. 

Some of our best places 

meghalaya Tours

Meghalaya is famous for many natural and manmade lakes. Maim lake and Dawki lake are the two famous lake in Meghalaya. Jakrem,Ranikar,Dawki,Kshaid Dain,Thlen falls Diengie peak are some of the tourist interest spots of Meghalaya. Meghalaya is rich in biodiversity it is the home of large variety of fruits, vegetables, spices, medicinal plants.

Horn bill festival

The Hornbill Festival provides a colourful mixture of dances, performances, crafts, parades, games, sports, food fairs and religious ceremonies. The festival both exposes the culture and tradition of tribal peoples, and reinforces Nagaland’s identity as a unique state in India’s federal union.
Tourist for all over the globe attained here to see the rich culture of the tribal peoples.

majuli river island

Majuli is a island river endangered avifauna species including migratory birds that arrive in the winter season. Among the birds seen here are the greater adjutant stork, pelican, Siberian crane and the whistling teal. After dark wild geese and ducks fly in flocks to distant destinations. The island is almost pollution free owing to the lack of polluting industries and factories and also the chronic rainfall.

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