Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Are you in search of tour packages for your next holiday vacation?  

Then,why you don’t try to visit Kaziranga National Park. It is the best and stunning tourist place for the wildlife lovers and nature junkies.

Lying on the North East part of the country in the district of Golaghat and Nagaon in the state of Assam, Kaziranga National Park called as the pride of India this park gives a chance to feel the touch of the natural beauty, to explore the creature like wildlife which roams fearlessly.  

The park offers a splendid scenic sight. The beautiful geographical vicinity of the park makes it heaven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature junkies.

Kaziranga National Park is called a home for various wildlife and bird species, the Park has been renowned for its world heritage site and for its reserved two- third of One Horned Rhino.

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

This park has left a big print for saving one and only unique piece One Horned Rhino population. Kaziranga National Park has been blessed with nature itself. It is rich in flora and fauna. Here you can find the wildlife that you have never seen it before the wild Asiatic Water Buffalo and Eastern Swamp Deer, macaque hoolock gibbon, capped, golden langur and also other mammals and species are found in this park.

Swamp Deer

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

This deer is different from the Indian Deer, you can see that Swamp deer has more than three to five pointed tines like a fork. 

Hoolock gibbon

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Gibbon is only the apes that are found in North East India. Normally they reach a size of 60 to 90 cm and weigh 6 to 9 kg. Both male and female gibbons are about the same size, but they differ considerably in colors. Males are black colored with remarkable white brows while females have a grey-brown fur.

Greater Adjutant Stork, Bengal Florican, spoon Billed Sandpiper, Red-Headed Vulture and the seven species of vultures can be seen in this park. Rock Python which is also the largest snake is also seen here.

Bengal Florican

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Bengal Florican is also known as the Bengal Bustard, this bird has a long neck with a black color, the buff with small black vermiculations and you can see a white patch from the wing converts to the remiges.  

Kaziranga National Park will be your best holiday destination which suits your family, children and older.

Kaziranga National Park will be your best holiday destination which suits your family, children and older.

Other then the amazing and mysterious attraction that one can explore in Kaziranga National Park is the hidden mystery of the dense jungle on elephants that are steered by the professional Mahout.

Top and amazing tour places for exciting sightseeing in Kaziranga National park are as:

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Is a famous historical place that lies in Assam and covers the distance of 7.6 km from Kaziranga National Park which is also known as the main headquarters.  It has been said that this place is the birth places of freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua. 

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Hoollongapur Gibbon Sanctuary

This sanctuary is well known for as a protective area of evergreen forest which is located in Jorhat district of Assam. Gibbon sanctuary is rich in biodiversity, famous for one and only apes that you will be seen in Kaziranga National park.

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Orchid National Park

Also called as Kaziranga National Orchid and Biodiversity Park situated in the distance of 2 km from the Central Range of Kaziranga, Kohora Chariali, this Park is renowned as one of the largest park in North East India which is blessed with the multiplied glory of the Kaziranga in many folds.

Here in these park you can explore more than 500 varieties of wild orchids, 132 species of sour fruits and leafy vegetables, 46 species of bamboo, 12 species of cane and many other plants along with various species of local fishes.

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Manas National Park

Manas National Park is renowned for its Bengal Tiger; this park is situated in the Himalayan foothill crossing through Brahmaputra River. In the year of 1990, this park was declared as National Park. 

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park

Well known for its breeding ground for varieties of fish. You can discover this park that has spread over 78.81 sq km and also known as the oldest game reserve of Assam.

Amazing sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park

Kakochang Waterfalls

Another heart touching sightseeing tourist places situated between kaziranga National Park. This waterfall is located about 13 km from the Bokakhat, a place in the Jorhat Region of Assam and from this you can also explore the view of the historical Numaligarh. Other few of the famous attractions nearby this waterfall are ruins of Deoparbat or Deopahar, landscapes of tea, coffee, and rubber farms.

To explore all this sightseeing tour in Kaziranga National Park you can visit in the month of October, November, December and Early April.

In this month the weather remains pleasant and clear. While visiting this park you can also get the best tour guides who can guide you in your whole journey and take you to the right destination giving you full information about the places.

Kaziranga National Park is not a home for wildlife but also it is surrounded with the lodges and Eco-Camps, include with best affordable accommodation that suits your pocket budget.

One can easily book the camp and lodges along with the Tour packages.

You can also have a delicious and mouth-watering dishes, it will be prepared as per your requirement.

If you want to be a part of this tour packages then the above sightseeing tour places will help to point out your desire places in Kaziranga.

A long journey gives you the strength and refresh your mind and soul . 

so, packs your bags and get ready to explore all the amazing and stunning places in Kaziranga National Park .

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