Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Hello and welcome to my blog, today I am giving you the complete information of best tour spot to explore in Arunachal Pradesh Tourism that will help you to visit Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is one of the “Seven states of India” and also the largest all the seven sisters of Northeast India. Arunachal Pradesh is the best tourists spot offering pristine nature and lush green surrounding.

So, let me allow briefing you to this beautiful state and offers the panoramic views of Mountain ranges, Famous monasteries, amazing lake, and various passes.

Now, let talk about the Arunachal Pradesh

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Arunachal Pradesh is nestled in the corner of the northeast of India and the state is boarded by  Nagaland and Assam to the south, Bhutan to the west, Myanmar to the east and China to the north. Arunachal one of the states of “seven sisters” and meaning of the place means “Land of the dawn-lit mountains” and literally means” land of the rising sun”.How it got this name? A because the first rays of the sun touch the place first.

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh TourismIt is famous for its Sweeping geographical diversity and the state hosts the wide varieties of rare endangered flora and fauna. The state dotted with so many wildlife sanctuary and National park. Arunachal is the only states in India that house the four big cats are Tiger, Leopard, Clouded Leopard and snow leopard. Apart from wild animal species, it is also the home of 500 species of Birds in which most of them are indigenous and endangered.

Arunachal Pradesh also is known by the name “orchids state in India”   and almost every districts of the state are specialized in cultivation and has its own exotic and rare variety of orchids. The city hosts one of the largest orchidarium in whole Asia.

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

In Arunachal Pradesh, There is a large majority of the people native to the state including Mongoliod stock and speaks Tibeto- Burman group of languages. The region consists of 26 tribes and around 100 sub tribes having varied cultures tradition and customs. The region is covered by 80 percent of enchanting evergreen forests and the state has a large number of regional languages. People of here celebrate many vibrant and colorful festivals based on agriculture.

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

So, which places you can explore in Arunachal Pradesh?

Arunachal has rich in culture and heritage and mostly covered by dense forest and to travel in Arunachal Pradesh one should take inner line permit which you get from the airport at Kolkata, Guwahati, and Tezpur. The best time to visit Arunachal Pradesh is from October – June, and winter is severe, perfect timing to visit during your vacation. So, here comes the best tourist spot to explore in Arunachal Pradesh.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Tawang offers the captivating view of nature and peaceful ambiance. This beautiful place is nestled at an elevation of 10,000 feet above mean sea level. Tawang offers the romantic lakes around it which offer the outstanding view and lovely ambiance. Tawang monastery is 144 thousand old monastery but only this, it is one of the largest Indian monasteries. You can visit Sela  Pass, Bhumla Pass, Gorichen pass and more.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh TourismIt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arunachal Pradesh and the town is located beside the Dibang River which adds beauty and calmness to the place. Roing is the best for cultural enthusiasts, trekking and history. You can visit the lake to enjoy boating in the middle of a lush forest and also go for trekking to catch colorful sunset. Rukmini Nati, Sally Lake, Mayudia, Bhismaknagar Fort and more are the some of the places that you should visit.

Ziro Valley

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Ziro Valley is one of the famous tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh and the valley is tucked in the foothill of Himalayas. The village is best for the nature lovers, adventure seekers and cultural. The valley is surrounded by pine forest, bamboo huts, and paddy field and wide varieties of flora and fauna. Ziro valley also declared world heritage site and the town is settled by the Apatani tribe and you will get an opportunity to experience their culture and traditions. Pine Grove, Meghna Cave Temple, Midey, Tarin Fish farm and more are places you can visit.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Tezu is a hotspot of tourism in Arunachal Pradesh and situated amidst of beautiful Mishmi hills. The place is the headquarters of Lohit district and the most attractive spot is the enchanting lake dotted in front of the snow capped mountains. The town has lots of offers which include a quaint village, botanical garden, and museum and wildlife sanctuary. The town has blends with culture and nature that you can experience that remains for a lifetime.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh TourismBomdila is a quaint town settled away from the crowded city and this time offers the magnificent view of snow clad mountains. Bomdila gives you an opportunity to experience the culture, tradition, wildlife, and nature at in one single place. The town is best to visit when you are in Arunachal Pradesh.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Dirang is a small quaint village in West Kameng district and weather becomes pleasant throughout the year. The town is a popular destination for tourists especially from trekkers who make a stop to experience the blended cultures and traditions of Bhutanese and Buddhism. Dirang Dzong, Sangti Valley, hot water spring, Yak research center etc are the major tourist places to visit in Dirang.                                                                          

Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh TourismPasighat is the oldest town founded in 1911 and nestled along the Siang river valley and the laps of the Himalayas. Pasighat also known as the “gateway of Arunachal Pradesh” and here you can get to experience the unique cultures and traditions people living in Pasighat. Trekking, Rafting, angling, wildlife safari and more are the adventure activities that you can enjoy and the other places you can visit including Pasighat Buddhist Temple, Pangin, Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary etc.


Best tour spot to explore Arunachal Pradesh TourismItanagar is the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh and your tour will be incomplete without a visit to Itanagar. The city has rich fauna and flora, colorful festivals, educational site as well as holds ancient history and archaeological site. Jawaharlal Nehru Statue Museum, Biological Park Itanagar, Ita fort, Indira Gandhi Park. Polo Park, Rupa etc these are attractive tourist places.
Overall, Arunachal Pradesh is a paradise for nature lovers and it has limitless beauty. It has much more to offer and there are more tourists’ places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. You can also engage yourself in several adventure activities like trekking, watery sports. Arunachal is the best destination to spend your vacation in peace and lovely ambiance.


So, I wish that this blog will help you to plan your vacation in one of the most elegant and romantic states of Northeast, Arunachal Pradesh.

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