Nagaland Village Tour

Nagaland is known as the “Land of festivals” is an amazing state to visit. The tourists in this state will fall in love seeing the mesmerizing vistas of the pleasing climate, hills and the mountains, traditional villages, the green lush surroundings. Nagaland is one of the stoppages of the northeast for the travelers. They have soaked in the colors of Nagaland. The Naga Tribes are protective of their culture, tradition, and identity. The state is well-known for the tribals, colorful costumes, spicy foods, hunting of animals, beautiful dance forms and many more.

Nagaland is one of the states of northeast India. The state is rich in culture and the variety of tribes like the other northeast states. Like Nagaland is said to be Land of Festivals- the people of Nagaland celebrate every festival with great joy and cheerfulness. There are many places to visit in Nagaland- Shilloi Lake, Dzukou Valley, Japfu Peak, Kohima zoo, Khonoma Village and much more.

Detail information about the Nagaland Village

Kohima– Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland is the most charming place to visit in Nagaland. It is situated in the southwestern part of the northeastern state of Nagaland. Its height is 1500 meters above the sea level, it is provided with beautiful hills, green lush forests, and an attractive landscape. The original name of Kohima is “Kewhira” derived from the Kewhi flower found in the region.

In the history of World War II, Kohima has an intense fight with Japan. Kohima War Cemetery is a beautiful site dedicated to 10,000 soldiers who had lost their lives during World War II. The place offers scenic views, also reminds one of the Second World Wars scenarios. Other than the city, tourists can also visit the museum, zoos, the sanctuary, valleys, Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow and many more.

Touphema Village–   Touphema Village is situated 41 km away from Kohima and one of the ancient heritage village. The village has a tribute to the culture, lifestyle, and people of Nagaland. The village traditionally styled thatched huts, artifacts, jewelry, clothing, the museum and many more. This village gives more information about the Naga culture and tradition.  It is the highly visited place in Nagalandby the tourist. Every year of the 25th and 27th of February the Angami Sekrenyi Festival is celebrated with joy.

The museum inside the Village offers an ethnographic collection of wooden carvings, textiles, musical instruments, handicrafts traditional artifacts, and jewelry. 

Khonoma Village– Khonoma village is situated 20km away from Kohima. Khonoma Village belonging to “Angami Naga” (one of the 16 tribes of Naga) an ethnic group of Naga. Khonoma village known as Khonoma Green Village because of protecting ecological Heritage. 

Khonoma Green Village has given up all kinds of hunting and practices agriculture for a sustainable ecosystem. It is the will power of a Naga people to ban hunting and, preserve the natural habitat of the environment. Khonoma village is an inspiring place to understand and to take initiatives to preserve the natural resources of the environment.

Mokokchung– Mokokchung is the important town of Nagaland and it is 6 hours away from Kohima. Mokokchung is derived from the Mokok means unwillingly and Chung means a group of people. The word Mokokchung refers to a group of people who unwillingly departed from their settlement.  

It is the cultural center of Ao Tribes and celebrates Moatsu Festival in the first week of May every year. The Tsungremong festival is celebrated on harvest season in the month of August. It is the third-largest Urban Center after Dimapur and Kohima.

In Mokokchung visitors also love to explore places like Longkhum, Langpangkong, Mopungchukit, and Chuchuyimlang. 

Longwa Village– Mon District is the northernmost dist. of Nagaland

and Longwa village is one of the examples of the encompassing area. The village is passed by the Indo-Myanmar border on top of that border passes by chief’s house dividing into two halves. The village divides in India and Myanmar and the inhabitants are of the village have dual citizenship. Longwa village is the beautiful sight to visit apart from the village there are Doyang River, Nagaland Science Center, Shilloi Lake, and much more.

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