Arunachal Pradesh Villages

Situated only few (4, Four) kilometers away from famous Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, its Hong Village. Its Apatani Tribes, who have a unique lifestyle that focuses on living in harmony with nature. This little valley and its people have much to offer to those seeking beautiful unexplored regions. The Apatani tribe is among the very few tribes in the World that worship nature, mainly Moon & Sun. In 2014, the Apatani Cultural Landscape has been added to the tentative list of World Heritage Site. The people are primarily into farming & famous for the sustainable and efficient methods that they have been following to cultivate rice. There are no farm animals or machines used, instead they focus is on using nature friendly and sustainable methods only.

Almost all the houses in Hong Village (Basti) are traditional. Another unique feature of Apatani tribe is women with facial tattoos and nose plugs. Though, there is no any documented reason about the tradition started, but its no longer followed by the younger generation.

Hong in Ziro Valley is an excellent destination to visit with beautiful Forests, Rolling Hills, Rice Fields & unique culture of Apatani Tribe which has set an example to the World for successful co existence of Man & Nature.

This Ancient Village with High Historical and Cultural significance is situated in Western Arunachal Pradesh on the Bomdila-Tawang Highway. Resident of Monpa Tribe of Mahayana Buddhism, this village is in a fortified area measuring approximately 3.2 Acres. Due to the richness of Heritage structures found in the village, locals consider the village of Thembang itself as a monument. Pre-historic archaeological evidence has also been excavated and some of the items recovered include Neolithic Celt, various Neolithic tools, Stone Age axe etc. Main attractions include the Village lifestyles, hiking/trekking to nearby areas such as Chilling, Pangma Village, Chander Village, Khalbog and Sangti valley.

Shergaon, also known as Shenthuk or Sherbumtang is a small village residence of a tribes named- Sherdukpan situated in West Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. The small village is surrounded by lofty mountains of Eastern Himalayas. Walking in the village is an experience by itself; The entire moment is filled with amazement by the architecture of the Sherdukpen traditional houses, their lifestyles and small hikes in the nearby hills and forests. This place is a perfect way to escape from the commercialized tourist destinations.