Best Majuli River Island Tour in Assam

Assam, one of the Northeastern part of India, is a rich amalgam of natural beauty, zealous culture, and fascinating history. The state is a mystery that enjoys offbeat tourist destinations, the sacred river, unique landscapes, sprawling tea gardens, formidable mountain ranges, wildlife reserves, and spiritual ambiance.

Brief about Majuli Island

Majuli or Majoli is the biggest river island situated in the river Brahmaputra. In 2016 it became the first island to made a district in India. The total area of island district is once spread in an area of 1256 square kilometers, but now it has reduced to only 875 square kilometers. The island is formed by the river Brahmaputra in the south and Kherkutia Xuti, joined by the Subansiri River in the north. Majuli is one of the favorite destinations for travelers. In Majuli Island, Majuli Bihu is celebrated, a traditional dance festival. In the 16th century, Island has become the cultural capital of Assam and its a home for the Missing Tribes who had shifted from Arunachal Pradesh. For a long time, Island has become a home for Neo Vaishnavaite tradition and it has more than 20 Vaishnavas Satras well known for the attractions. 

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Popular places to see in Majuli Island

Majuli is situated in the heart of Assam. It is a lush green environment- friendly pristine freshwater island in the river Brahmaputra. The word Majuli means land in the midst of two rivers.

Kamalabari Satra–  Majuli Island has become the home for Neo- Vaishnavaite tradition and culture of Assam and it has 22 Vaishnavas Satras. Kamalabari is one of the famous Satras in Majuli founded by Bedulapadma Ata. This Satras has produced many great figures in the state of the cultural sector. In this Satras, it has many well-known artists like Muktiyar Bayan and Late Maniram Dutta who had contributed a lot towards the upliftment of the classical dance status of Assam. There are many artists and disciples who are trained in the Satra and they perform both on National and International platforms.

Dakhinpat Satra- This Satra was established in the year 1584 by Vamshigopal, a disciple of Sri Vanamalidev. Dakhinpat Satra is a very popular Satra on the Majuli Island of Assam. From all over the world thousands of devotees visit this Satra to experience the serenity of the place. This Satra celebrates Rasotsava with a lot of passion and magnificent and also considered as one of the vital festivals of the state Assam.

Garmur Satra- With the establishment of Jayaharideva in the year 1656 AD, it is one of the royal Satras of Majuli Island. Earlier there were two Garmurs which were later merged into one. In this Satra, there is a common prayer hall where all the devotees gather together to seek the blessings from almighty. Raslila Festival is one of the forms of cultural activities organized at the Garmur Satra. Both men and women can participate in this grand occasion however it is considered against the rules of other Satras.

Auniati Satra- Auniati Satra established in the year 1653 AD, by an Ahom ruler, Sultana. This Satra worshipped the idol of Lord Krishna also known by the name Govinda. This Idol was originally brought from Jagannath Puri and was installed here. This Auniati Satra has got twelve branches in several parts of the state and the main branch is located at North Guwahati. The special occasion and festivals celebrated by this Satras are Bohag Bihu, Janmashtami, Holi, Kati Bihu, Paal Naam, and many more. 

Tengapania- From the Majuli Island, you can see the amazing site of Tengapania. This mesmerizing place is bounded on all sides by Machkhoa, Dhakuakhana and the Disangmukh. This place is also famous for the picnic spots with your family and friends and spend quality time with them amidst the beauty of nature. It’s lovely to see the Brahmaputra river flowing beside Tengapania which makes the location very mesmerizing. There is a golden temple at this location that reflects the Ahom style of architecture. Visiting the various Satras at Majuli, tourists can spend some relaxing and enjoying this beautiful picnic spot.

Best Season to visit Majuli

Summer Season (March to June) is usually hot and humid in Majuli, which is not comfortable for the travelers for sightseeing. Monsoon Season (July to September), although the weather is pleasant and brings relief from sultry heat, constant rainfall causes an overflow of the river. Monsoon Season is not a perfect time to travel in Majuli Island. Winter Season (October to February) is recommended as the best season to enjoy the pleasant weather, nature and the amazing glimpse of the island.

Festivals in Majuli

Raas Leela Festival is celebrated passionately in the month of November. It is the form of cultural activities organized at the Garmur Satra. In this festival, more than thousands of people both men and women visit Satras to enjoy the festival.  Raasa Leela is a festival of music, dance, and theatre. 

Ali aye Ligang is another popular celebration where local beverages and food are served.

How to reach Majuli 

By air- Jorhat Airport located in Rowriah is about 7km from the Jorhat city. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordolio in Guwahati, Assam is the nearest International Airport that is 323 km from Jorhat. From Jorhat, there are private buses available to both Kamlari  Ghat and Neemati Ghat from where ferry boats will take you to the Majuli.

By Train- To reach Majuli by train, tourists have to take trains from Guwahati to reach Jorhat because there is no other direct railway to reach Majuli. From Jorhat, buses and taxis will transport tourists to Neemati Ghat where ferries are available for a ride to Majuli.

By road- Like the railway, there is no direct roadway to reach Majuli. One can reach Jorhat by road. From Guwahati, a 7-hour bus ride will transport tourists to Jorhat. Passengers can also hire a private taxi to reach Jorhat. From here, they will have to rely on ferries to reach Majuli.

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