[layoutbox ][text tag=”h1″ typography=”Text {line-height: 51.42857144px;font-size: 36px;}”]Top Destinations of North East India — Meghalaya[/text]

[text tag=”p”]Curved from the erstwhile state of Assam, Meghalaya became a full fledge state in the year 1972 surrounded by Assam state, Bangladesh with a present population of around 2.5 Lacs.

Meghalaya’s main ethnic communities, each having its own distinctive customs and cultureal traditions are the Khasis, the Garos and Jaintias. The common trait binding all three communities is its matrilineal system in which the family linage is taken from the mother’s side. The people of Meghalaya are known to be hospitable, cheerful and friendly. Best time to visit Meghalaya is round the year, during the Winter it is almost dry and during the Monsoon it is generally covered by clouds and greenery.  

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[layoutbox ][text tag=”h2″] Places to visit in Meghalaya[/text][/layoutbox]

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[text tag=”h2″ typography=”Text {line-height: 34.2857143px;text-align: left;font-size: 24px;}”]Shillong[/text]

[text tag=”p” typography=”Text {text-align: left;}”]Surrounded by ​rolling hills, the British fondly dubbed Shillong as the ‘Scotland of the East’. It is the capital city of Hilly Meghalaya which is only 100 kms by road distance from Guwahati City of Assam. When you enter, the temperature drops drastically in this state. During the British role, Shillong was declared as the summer capital of Eastern Bengal and Assam. It served as the capital of undivided Assam till 1972, when Meghalaya was curved out as a full fledged state durin reorganization by the government. The Guwahati Airport is 120 kms from Shillong is the most convenient way to reach the city from the rest of India. Shillong’s main attractions are- Police Bazar – lying in the heart of the city, Ward’s Lake-in the centre of the city, Lady Hydari Park, Lailum Canyons-just 45 minutes drive from Shillong city, Shillong Golf Course- the third oldest of its kind in India, Don Bosco for Indigenous culture -its a institution of a Museum, research center and a publication center, Elephant Falls-just outside of Shillong city, Shillong peak- the highest point in Shillong which offers magnificent views of Shillong city, Smit Village – just 14 kms away from the city this village makes for an enlighting experience for those looking to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the Khasi tribe of Shillong, Umium Lake- set amidst sylvan hills that stretch till the horizon Umium is a paradise for angling and nature lover.[/text][/layoutbox]

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[text tag=”h2″ css=”margin-top:10px;margin-bottom:3px;” typography=”Text {line-height: 34.2857143px;text-align: left;font-size: 24px;}”]Mawlynnong[/text]

[text tag=”p” css=”margin-top:3px;” typography=”Text {text-align: left;}”]The village Mawlynnong come into focus when travel magazine Discover India declared it as the “Cleanest Village” in Asia. The road from Shillong to Mawlynnong passes through a diverse terrain that every tourist will enjoy. The village is situated in East Khasi Hills and is referred to as the “God’s own Garden”, which is around 90 kms away from Shillong city and 92 kms from Cherrapunji. The village can be visited as a day trip but it is advisable to stay atleast one night to feel the village culture. Boasting a 100 percent literacy rate and being extremely environment conscious, villagers are devoted to protecting the surrounding forests. The main attractions of the village are—100 year Old church, the Living root bridge, Sky View, Balancing Rock and trek nearby forest.


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[text tag=”h2″ css=”margin-top:6px;margin-bottom:0px;” typography=”Text {line-height: 34.2857143px;text-align: left;font-size: 24px;}”]Cherrapunji or Sohra:[/text]

[text tag=”p” css=”margin-top:0px;” typography=”Text {text-align: left;}”]Though the distinction of being the wettest place currently lies with neighbouring village of Mawsynram, the Cherrapunji or Sohra is also on the same rank for wettest land. A trip to Cherrapunji gives anybody an unparallel views of its diverse terrain. Located only 54 kms away from Shillong city on SW, its terrain is totally different from the same. During the Winter, it is seen brown meadows stretching as far as the eyes can see with some small wooden houses but in rainy season or monsoon, the barren landscape turns into a brilliant shade of green. Regarding climate, in winters the temperature drops as low as 4 degree Celsius and in Monsoon, it is a mix of warm sunshine and cool breeze. Dominated by Khasi tribe, its having lots of sightseeing. It is a combination of plateau, gorges, streams, hamlets and fields which offers some of the most eclectic nature views. After the occupation of this Khasi Hills by British in 1883, they set up headquarters at present day Sohra. 

Cherrapunji is a great destination for nature lovers and photographers. Apart from normal tourist attractions, it offers a good collection of Trekking option. Some tourist attractions are— Mawkdok Dympep Valley Viewpoint, Mawsmai Cave, Seven Sisters Falls, Nohkalikai Falls, Thangkharang Park, Daithlen Falls, Double Decker Root Bridge at Nongriate village etc. [/text][/layoutbox]

[layoutbox ][text_group header=”Mawlynnong Sacred Forest:” header_tag=”h2″ image_css=”width:128px;height:128px;”]Just 24 Kms away from Shillong city, the Mawphlang Sacred Forest or also known as Law Lyngdoh is a lush forest considered holy by the locals in keeping with their religious beliefs and has been preserved in the same fashion since the ancient times. It is filled with exotic species of orchids and ferns. 

[text_group header=”Dawki:” header_tag=”h2″ image_css=”width:128px;height:128px;”]Located on the border of India – Bangladesh and southeast of Cherrapunji, this place is blessed with rolling hills of Meghalaya and tranquil riverbeds of Bangladesh. The main highlights are Crystal clear water of Umngot river and Single-span suspension Bridge which was built by British in 1932.