The Great Indian Desert Trek – Bikaner


The Great Indian Desert Trek- Bikaner 

Lying on the dunes, watching the star studded sky, with the chill breeze and a hot cuppa coffee is our idea of spending this New Years Eve.

The lonely sound of guitar strumming and the burning of wood from the campfire, in the Great Indian Desert in Bikaner, is our way of welcoming the New Year. We would stay in tents in the middle of desert. Join us.

Highlights of the trip:

  • We are very experienced, and we work with the local professionals, to give you a high quality desert experience.
  • We will be completely isolated from civilisation in this remote part of the great Thar Desert.
  • This is a wonderful experience if you are comfortable camping, in true sense a Life away from life experience
  • A traditional Rajput home stay and local cuisine experience
  • Camping in tents in the middle of the desert in between dunes


Day 1 – Reach Bikaner by train. Overnight in Home Stay

Reach Bikaner in the morning and check in hotel. Visit the colourful Bikaner market. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 2 – Camp near Napasar at Vijay Dhora. (Trek)

A quiet camp , and if you are lucky then the local villagers will play some music for you. Overnight in tents.

Day 3 – Camp at SURDHNA (trek)

 The best day of the trek , in the middle of nowhere , with no electricity and traffic noise. This place usually gets very cold in the night.The sky if very clear and 360 deg hemisphere can be seen. In the evening sit on the dunes and have a cup of Chai watching the sun go down. if you are lucky the local fox might visit you. Overnight in tents.

Day 4 – Day Lunch at Balakiya Dhora end at KOTHRI.( Trek ) Drive back to hotel for night

 A long day of trekking and mostly barren area. This is the day when you are tempted to sit on the accompanying camel cart and get the real feel of the desert loneliness. Today you will cross the camel breeding farm also. Overnight in Bikaner in Hotel.

Day 5 – Early morning leave for Mumbai by train

 Departure by train.





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