Top Destinations of North East India—Sikkim

Sikkim is the most beautiful state in India lying at the Himalayan  range with natural beauty called the Himalayan Shangri-las which is quite closed to the border of Nepal,Bhutan and China.
Panoramic mountain view with snowy peaks is the major attraction in Sikkim.Sikkim enjoys the wonderful landscape evergreen natural beauty,mild climatic condition and panoramic mountain view with snowy peaks is the major attraction for tourists.
Sikkim is well connected with all the major cities of India by Rail,Road and Air.NJP is the nearest railway station and Bagdogra is the nearest airport.It satisfy your burning desire by giving you awesome experience of enjoyment with best destinations you have never seen before.
Rangpoo and Jorethang are the two major entry points Sikkim.Sikkim is the ideal place who wish to travel for different reasons like trekking,hiking, peak climbing,mountain biking,bird watching,water rafting and eco-tourism.
Sacred place and famous tourist spot in Sikkim is Tsangmo Lake, Khecheopari lake which is the major attraction of tourist.Beautiful monasteries and amazing tourist hot spots is the wide range of attraction of tourist in Sikkim
It is the ideal destination for enjoy the vacation from the busy schedule of life.Sikkim is excellent place for travelling which enjoys the marvelous beauty of nature and pleasant climatic condition.
Goechala trek is the most popular trek in Sikkim and it is famous mountain views.Sikkim is called the trekkers paradise.It renounced as one of the best trekking destination.It has numerous number of trekking routes which connects the various beautiful trekking destinations in Sikkim.
Sikkim has numerous number of trekking destinations which attracts tourists from around the globe.Dzongri La trekking routes,Yambong Singalila trek,Green Lake trek,Kanchenjunga base camp trek, Everest Singali La trek,Tosar lake trek,Versay trek,Tholung trek and Lhaba Tarum Tsachu trek are some of the famous trekking destinations in Sikkim.
High Himalayas with natural vegetation of Sikkim invites you to travel in Sikkim with endless joy.It is the land of  beautiful monasteries and the home for variety of rare and endangered species include snow leopard,musk deer,red panda wild animals.Sikkim is the most beautiful place all over India.
Sikkim is categorize into four zones North Sikkim,South Sikkim,East Sikkim and West  Sikkim with best destinations that attracts tourist around the globe.The people of Sikkim are very kind hearted and warm welcomeing to its guest.