Sivsagar Historical Site

Ruled around 600 years in Assam, the mighty Ahoms came to Assam in 1228 AD from South East Asia with a leadership of King Sukapha who was a Shan prince. During their regime, that Assam saw a kind of cultural renaissance; in areas of arts, religion, literature, music, drama and philosophy. Sivasagar was the Capital of this dynasty. Before Sivasagar, Charaidew was the first Capital of Ahom dynasty where around 42 burial mounds of Ahom kings is observed. The practice of burying the dead was common amongst the Shan people from whom the Tai-Ahoms traced their descent.

Sivasagar, got its present name from Sivasagar Tank, literally, big lake, excavated by the Ahom queen Ambika. Main attractions in Sivasagar are: Shiva Dol (Temple, one of the loftiest Shiva temple in India), Vishnu Dol, Devi Dol, Tai Museum which houses textiles and other artfacts like swords, manuscripts, goblets etc belonging to Ahom kings and their people. Next is Jaisagar Tank, covering 318 acres, the largest man made tanks in India. Rang Ghar, is a unique amphitheatre from which the Ahom kings and nobles witnessed games like buffalo fights specially during Rongali Bihu. Close to Rang ghar, on the banks of river Dikhow is Talatal Ghar and was the defence headquarter of those days. Another Ahom palace is located at Garhgaon, about 15 kms from Sivasagar town which was four storeyed for the royal families.